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Top Tips

I like to think of myself as a bit of an extra bridesmaid to my couples. Keeping things as stress free as possible for you both on your wedding day. I've planned my own wedding, been to loads and these are some helpful tips I've come up with along the way!

Go Big On


One of my favourites from Becky & Jacks wedding! Whatever the internet says for weight per how ever many guests, get double that. Two handfuls each. I always tell guests to throw it up, not at you it gives the confetti time to land and helps prevent scrunched up faces!

Be Ready

1 hour before the ceremony

The wedding prep goes so fast! In order to have time to get photos with your wedding party before the ceremony, you'll need to be ready an hour before. It gives you time to really see yourself all done, check that you're happy with everything and get those portraits.

Keep Special items


Keeping your accessories, veil and shoes together means I have easy access to them in the morning. It's usually the first thing I photograph. I don't like to come in all guns blazing pointing a camera in your face. These images tell the story of your day, all the beautiful details.

Take a


Once you're married try and find some time to have just the two of you, to help that adrenaline calm down. Enjoy those first few moments of being married. A good time is just before the confetti toss (also gives us time to get the guests outside), or just after the confetti toss!

Embrace The


Unfortunately in the UK we're not guaranteed good weather, even in the summer! So my best advice is to embrace all the elements. Of course if you really don't want to get wet, then we can always find a way around the outside photos. Most venues have outdoor shelter or some beautiful spots inside. However if you're up for it I'm up for it!

Snog Their

Face off


I completely get that PDA isn't for everyone, so I'm not going to be peer pressuring you in to snogging. My aim is to make you feel as comfortable with me as possible. If you're comfortable enough to give your newly betrothed a big old snog, we'll get some gorgeous shots. 

Take Your


Anxiety can be high on your wedding day, which can make you rush down the aisle. Take a deep breath before and take your time. When it comes to the "you may now kiss" moment. Make sure you kiss for long enough. If you have a half second peck, it's hard to catch on camera, just about 4-5 seconds should be enough, savour that moment!

Your Wedding

Your rules

Do what you both want to do on and with your wedding day. It can be so hard if you're trying to keep everyone happy. The most important people on your wedding day is the both of you. If there are traditions that you don't want to include, don't include them! If you want something completely off the wall go for it! It's YOUR day.

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